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Download our Online Order Form (please email to Rain Dance Hydrographics)

Unless stated below, we have a $75 minimum charge for any dipped item.

Complete Shotguns* (includes receiver) $170.00
Complete Over & Under Shotgun $185.00
Stock Only $85.00
Forearm Only $60.00
Barrel Only - Single $85.00
Barrel Only - Over & Under $90.00
Barrel Only - Vented Barrel $90.00
Receiver Only $70.00

*Special Firearms Notes: Complete shotgun pricing does not include floor plates, bolts, or trigger guards.
Deluxe Rifle* (barrel, stock, receiver) $170.00
Complete Rifle* (barrel, stock) $155.00
Black Powder Rifle* $175.00
Rifle Stock Only $85.00
Rifle Barrel Only $85.00
AR-15 Rifle (standard parts) $250.00

*Special Firearms Notes: Complete rifle and black powder pricing does not include floor plate, bolts, trigger guards, or ram rods.

Special Note: Please be sure your firearms are completely disassembled before shipping the parts to us.
Complete Pistol* $100 - $125
Contender Pistol Barrel $60

Complete Bow* (Riser** and Limbs) $150.00
Deluxe Complete Bow Package*
(Riser, limbs, quiver top and stabilizer***)
**Riser Only $75.00
Limbs Only (2) $75.00
Cams or Wheels $35.00
Limb Pockets (both) $30.00
Quiver (top only) $25.00
Stabilizer $20.00

*Special Archery Note: Complete bow is riser and one set of limbs only. All bows must be disassembled prior to shipment. If a bow comes to us assembled, a $25 charge will be applied to disassemble it, and it will not be re-assembled afterwards.

**Newer style risers may need to be double dipped in order to completely cover the whole riser. This is due to the amount of "holes" that the riser may have. This process may give the final product a darker looking finish.

***Stabilizer prices may vary. Price is for typical simple 10" stabilizer.

Special Note: Any paint, tape, glue residue, or materials left on bows or firearms will have an additional $25 charge for removal and prep. Dura Touch will be an additional $40.

Scope Rings and Base $30.00
Scope (At Owner's Risk/Not Warranted)* $65.00
Choke Tube $25.00
Extension Tube $25.00
Bolt Handle (At Owner's Risk/Not warranted) $25.00

*Note: Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water and so no warranty will be issued.
Deer, Bear, and Cougar $80.00
Buffalo $125.00

Our pricing for ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles starts at $250 and goes up from there.

Contact us for more info on pricing.
Complete Car or truck dash trim is from $225 - $750 depending on the number of pieces and their size. Contact us for more info on pricing.

A little food for thought:
When shipping items to us, be sure to use plenty of packing materials, like bubble wrap and newspaper. We don’t want any damage to occur to your items. Also, be sure to purchase insurance for loss or damage to ensure your items arrive to us safely.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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